Have you been accused of a crime?

If you have been accused of a crime you want someone by your side you can trust.  Someone who knows how to defend and protect your rights at all stages of a case. I am an experienced Willamette Valley criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights and help you get through this difficult time.

A criminal accusation is a serious matter and can result in long-term consequences including jail or prison, fines, loss of property or your right to a driver’s license, a loss of your right to possess a firearm, and sometimes even registration as a sexual offender.

When do you need an attorney?

Even if no formal charges have been filed at this time, it is never too soon to consider how to handle such a serious situation.  Many people believe that they can talk themselves out of a difficult situation when they are being investigated by the police or are under arrest.  The opposite is true.  Statements given to the police can cause further damage to your case.  This is why it’s vitally important to have an attorney representing you as early as possible.  An attorney can help you avoid the traps and pitfalls early on.

Should you wait and get a free court-appointed attorney?

No. You will not be able to have an attorney appointed by the judge until you go to court for the first time.  That means there will be a delay in your rights being protected.  A court-appointed attorney is not free. In most cases, you will be required to pay the cost of a court-appointed attorney.

I can make payment arrangements for almost any budget so it is possible to have the advantages of a retained attorney working for you before that first court appearance.

Who will handle your case?

I handle each case personally.  It is my goal to provide the best service possible to each client.  I work with you on a one-to-one basis, keeping you informed of the progress of your case during all stages.  Each case is unique, and I accept the responsibility to make sure you are kept informed and that all your fears and concerns are addressed.